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Nollywood Actress Lola Ajibola Says“It Is Dangerous To Love Only One Man At A Time”

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Nollywood actress and film-producer, Lola Ajibola, in a new interview, has said she does not believe in the word called Love.

In an interview with Potpourri, the actress stated that  she doesn’t believe in love hence she resolves never to love or date one man at a time.

“It is very dangerous to love one man alone because men are generally heart breakers. It is better to love two, if one disappoints you, you can easily go to the other one. It is the fault of men, they cannot be relied upon.
For me, I don’t love. For those that are in love, and keeping one man, they should know love is a dangerous game,”
she said.

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When asked if it is possible for a woman to love two men at the same time, she answered in the affirmative.“Yes, it is quite possible. My heart has been broken so many times. Love is wicked and it is a very dangerous game. Good luck to those in love. For me, I don’t love.”

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