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Uche Onah, a dance instructor, on Saturday urged Nigerians to make dance a lifestyle, to solve problems associated with mental health.

Mr. Onah told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that constant practice of dance as exercise would make an individual happier and healthier.

He said that speaking from experience with most of his students who were autistic with down syndrome patients, dance was an act people should make a lifestyle.

He noted that patients with Parkinson disease engaged in recreational dance and some of their symptoms reduced due to dancing.

Mr. Onah said dance has some other benefits, aside from the mental health function, including weight loss, body flexibility and fitness.

He said these enable the heart to pump blood to the brain and more.

”Dancing reduces symptoms of depression and other mental related diseases; it helps in regaining better mood in cases of mood swings.

”Dancing provides mental refreshment and relaxation, it makes one stay fit, lose weight, allay stress and remain flexible.

”The aerobic dance is prescribed for actors before shooting movies, this allows their brains and body to relax properly, preparing it to work optimally after an aerobic dance,” he said.

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