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Best Apps to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

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In this article, we are going to let you know the best apps you will need to download Instagram videos and photos on Androids? This article will list out the best apps to achieve this.

Instagram has grown ever since it was created and acquired by Facebook. Millions of photos and videos are shared daily on the app by many worldwide and it’s one of the best social media platforms right now.

Instagram just like YouTube does not allow its users to download its contents as its against its terms of service. However, developers have provided tools that can help you save the content from Instagram easily. These tools are known as reposting apps which many people use on Instagram.

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We will be providing you with the best apps to download Instagram videos and photos on your Android smartphone easily.

Here Are Apps You Can Use To Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Androids


Apps to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

This app helps you to download or store public photos from your Instagram feed. Though, you cannot save private images on your handheld, but you can request for permission from the owner of the image before you can keep the picture.

Although, Regrann’s main purpose is to repost a photo or video, the app can help you achieve this task via automatic reposting. You can also time your reposts by having the Regrann Pro Licence. This app also features a watermark option which gives you the power to add your watermark to your video or photo.

Regrann also permits users to use the original captions under each post or choose a preferred signature on each reposted video or image. The app serves as a convenient option as it does not require any login and does not take much time to use.

You can download this app for free however it comes with ads. You also do not need to leave Instagram or make in-app purchases when using this service. No doubt one of the best apps to download Instagram videos and photos on Android.

Video Downloader – for Instagram

Apps to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

Here is another one you can use to store images and videos on Instagram, this tool helps you save content easily. You can also download from IGTV and also repost them on the sharing platform. Besides, you can add tags from other posts on your feed when you want to share the stored content. However, its developers recommend you seek permission from the material’s owner before you repost such items.

Before you can store your selected material, you need to copy and paste its URL link on the app.

The app works on devices with Android 4.1 and does not require any payments before download. However, it features ads during use.

IV Saver Photo Video Download

Apps to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

Another is the IV Saver Photo Video Download app. It allows you to download IGTV videos in high definition, permitting you to post them in the process. You do not need to login before using this download tool as it automatically saves the images or video after you choose your preferred content.

To use this app, you need to tap on the three dots beside a post and tap on the Copy Share URL option. The app begins the downloading process while giving you information about its progress via a notification prompt.

The UI is clean and straightforward making it easy to use. With this app, you can also view full Instagram posts without an internet connection. Like other tools developed for downloading videos and photos from your Instagram feed, this app has no affiliation with the photo-sharing platform.

This free app comes with ads and in-app purchases. Devices which run with Android 4.1 support this app.

Saver Reposter for Instagram

Apps to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

With this tool, you can copy both the caption and the post or the post alone. This action enables you to acknowledge the owner of the content in the caption. The app also offers users the ability to save the hashtag related to the image or video.

With its convenient interface, you can access all saved pictures on this free app which includes ads.

FastSave for Instagram

Apps to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android

Fast Save comes as another useful tool for downloading content from Instagram. With over 10 million downloads, the app offers features that make reposting quicker and quicker.

First, you can view videos and images from your feed without a data connection. Next, you can save many contents from Instagram at the same time. Finally, the app keeps all downloaded images and videos, arranging them nearly. You can view the content as slideshows.

FastSave also provides details concerning an image or a video such as its owner. You can get these details with a long press on the content. You can also save this material by selecting the Copy Share URL within the post options. This app also features a secure locker where you can keep downloaded items. You do not need to make any payments before you use the app however it includes ads. The app works with devices that run on Android 4.03 and above.

We hope you find our list of the best Instagram video photo download apps helpful. Download one of them and feel free to share your experiences with any of the apps.

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