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Effects Of Lime To The Body

Lime juice

Limes are rich in vitamin C. They can prevent the body from ailments. But do you know that excess of lime intake can also be harmful to the body? Here are the negative effects of taking too much lemon.

Tooth Decay

The lime juice contains high amounts of citric acid which can dissolve the enamel. Excessive lime juice intake can damage the tooth enamel coating and increase the risk of caries and plaque. If you begin to experience sensitivity and pain, you should consider limiting the intake of lime juice.

Lime and Lemon Juice can Aggravate Mouth Ulcers

Those small canker sores and mouth ulcers can be really painful. Adding lemon to food can make them even worse, make them more painful or even cause more. When you have sores, it is better to heal before drinking the lemon again.

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Research has shown that if you go out into the sun with lemon juice or lime juice on your hands you risk getting burned and even regular burns. The condition is called phytodermatitis, which the chemical in the lemon interacts with the sun causing the burning of the skin tissue. Those who consume high amounts of lime juice also increase the risk of malignant melanoma. However, it is not necessary to stop drinking lime or lemon juice as moderate consumption can also be beneficial to health.

Stomach Ulcer

The high quantity of citric acid present in lime juice represents a risk of gastric ulcer. Stomach ulcers develop in the lining of the stomach or in the small intestine and can become very bothersome and painful. Citric acid can damage the lining of the mucus inside the stomach causing painful sores inside the stomach. Since the stomach already produces different acids to manage food inside the stomach, extra citric acid from excess lime juice can irritate the stomach. So if you have stomach ulcers or if you take too long to heal, you should reduce the intake of lime juice or avoid it completely for some time.


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