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Sexual harassment is very common in our workplace and even in religious settings which has become a thing of concern to many.

It is very common between boss and employee, co-workers, even clients and employee, and sometimes between junior staff and their boss, sexual harassment is an action that could make anyone uncomfortable and less productive in the workplace.

Sexual harassment is commonly believed to be from a male to a female but that isn’t correct, its a two way thing.

Most times it’s the other way round…especially with the kind of dressing our female counterpart are putting on this days.

They may be tempting our guys to misbehave and to touch when their resistant is worn out.

Some of these are the reason for misbehaviour by bosses toward their staffs.

When all they see is an open invitation, the same thing use to happen in our tertiary institution where lecturers that are still active sexually sees students dressing provocatively and tormenting their sights, exposing all the explosives thereby creating a dynamite effect all around them.

Maybe some people are fond of joking in a certain way and their joke could be sexual in nature.

Some may call it compliments, some may see it as harmless jokes but some may find it uncomfortable and inciting.

Most times sexual harassment may not be direct action but an indirect one.


Some of this sexual harassment starts from a subtle point.

When you are working closely together with an opposite sex and you begin to get more closer by working long hours together on the same project.

For example telling a lady that “wow! You have a sexy or perfect figure ” or other inordinate complimentary could cause problem.

This may cause problem in the work place as some ladies dont expect such open compliment from guys and it could give them wrong impression or cause them to be harrassed sexual.

This could sound complimentary to some social ladies but some ladies can find it worrisome.

Most times it is the beginning of office romance and this could be a sexual harassment to other co-workers too.

As a matter of fact, most office romance always happened in wrong places.

It could happened in the elevator, Locker room, offices and store house.



It is common occurrence in co-operate organisations and establishments where people work long hours together.

Office romance is a resultant effect of being in the same place for longer time than necessary.

Our work is like our life as most of our days are spent in the office and by the time we get home, we are too tired to even remain on our feet for long before we hit the bed.

It is a know fact that we spend more time in the office than we do at home.

Our most conscious time is being spent at the office and with people we work with.

9am to 5pm is the most concious part of our day and we spend this time at our workplace and even more considering those who work overtime.

This is why office fling is very rampant and when it developed into office romance, we may not be able to control what happen next.

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It is like a wild fire that destroys anything on it’s part.

Now do you know that the first reason for office romance is boredom?

Most companies or establishments have strict laws against office romance and yet, that does not stopped it from happening.

Most guys needed something to take their mind off the boring work, they need some distractions and having seated long enough at their post and everything seems monotonous, so they go to kitchenette to munch something and gist.

Gist will develop into flirting and flirting into quick romance.

Quick romance may become unstoppable and turn to quicky right there in the office during office hour or later after office hours when all coasts seem cleared but believe me any one could still walk in any moment.

And when they are singles they may decide to give it a try but they always forget the source is not real feelings but escape from boredom.

They may be cubemates or floormates or even share the same office;

Which means they will be seeing each other more often than normal, so they will try to establish a relationship and not considering companies policy at all.

How Do We Handle Office Romance?

To be sincere with you it takes double your self discipline to avoid office romance.

Especially when you have cute freckles and handsome dudes around you.

Let Me Share Some Important Tips

1. Don’t date your cube-mate to escape the work doldrums…

If you do that it will soon bore you out and you may want to move on or try someone new;

But trust me one of you won’t agree to split just like that and there is bound to be conflict. You can imagine the rest, you may both lose your job and dignity.

2. Know what the company policy says, If you dont you’re already treading on dangerous ground.

3. Dont get caught in the act. Dont get carried away by doing it in the office store, on d copier, inside restroom, inside locker room or in your dark office…You never know where the cameras are and someone might walk in at the  nick of time when you’re almost climaxing …it won’t be funny.

4. If you’re caught get ready to deal with the backlash.

Don’t try to justify what you have done.

When get caught just take responsibility of whatever you have done and accept you’re wrong, you have already harassed that person sexually.

Anybody who caught you might decide to wave it but make sure you apologise to that person.

It doesn’t mean you’re stupid but it shows how matured you are.

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5. Be the first to tell your boss, this might help you run the relationship better and legally rather than for them to start suspecting.

It’s also an insurance in case of workplace rivalry.

6. Don’t let your personal relationship problem occur during business times or office hour.

7. Do remember your life ( office and otherwise ) outside the romance. He or she is not sure bet yet, dont turn her or him to the centre of your life.

Continue living your normal life the way you are doing before the romance started. Not that at every gathering you will be talking about him or her.

8. Don’t announce your relationship online, leave it secret or covered for your own good ..you never can tell.

9. Be honest with yourself, don’t build your castle in the air, you must define what the relationship is all about. Don’t leave anything to chance because your life is not a game.

10. Don’t forget breaking up is never easy not when you work in the same place, seeing each other on a daily basis.

You may have to find another job or relocate to another office or corner, Its never easy.

Lastly Dont flirt during corporate function that’s gonna burn your reputation beyond recognition.

You may end up losing your respect and dignity if things didn’t work out and you never can tell how your employer will view it.

Let’s be careful how we handle our office romance.

And don’t say it can’t happen to me…It can my friend .. Just be on the safer side and be careful.

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