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Discovering who you are…What does that mean …?

Well, many years back I wanted to attend my first job interview and I don’t actually know what to expect.

Like any normal first timers I was paranoid and fear gripped, and each time I remember the day of the interview I developed cold feet.

So a day before the interview, I stood in front of the mirror and I actually wanted to practice but I end up not able to do it because I started asking myself who is this person staring at me in the mirror…?

I asked the image in the mirror  “who are you…?”

That question is very tricky and when I can’t find answer to that question I dropped it and went back to my preparation for the interview.

On the day of the interview I was still in a state of confusion, still busy reading my piece that I had prepared for the day.

When it was my turn I entered and I was faced with four seriously looking people.

Fear immobilized me and I was unable to move and seeing the state I was; they asked me to sit down and relax

I did and the first question was “Can you please  tell us who you are ?”

I totally lost it as I don’t know what to say so I started by saying my name, the course I read, the state am from and so on.


After I finished, then one of them asked “now tell us who you are…?”

Then I was stuck and don’t know what else to say, so i opened my mouth but nothing came out.

Then they told me to leave and I left ..

On my way home I kept thinking, didn’t I answered their questions well..?”

I was just confused because I don’t know what else to say even though  I knew I had prepared well.

So if I ask you now…who are you..!!?

How would you answer me..?

Knowing who you really are takes into consideration a lot of things.

Everyone says  “just be yourself ” but what does it actually mean to be yourself when you don’t know who you really are.

What does being yourself really mean?

What does it feel like to be yourself …?

The only way to be yourself is to know yourself. It is to understand who you really are and that is very deep.

Who you are is not your name, it’s not your job, it’s not the label the world had placed on you over the years.

Who you are is beyond that and it is underneath that, so how do you discover who you are …?

These are what you need to check out to know the person beneath that act you called self.

1. The first thing to consider is “what makes you come alive or happy ?”

Think for a moment all those things you like to do and no matter how stupid or ridiculous they are start to highlight  them.

Don’t leave anything out, something like, I like to sleep, I like to watch television,  I like  to gist, I like eat..

They might look unimportant but list them anyway and  don’t worry because they are part of what makes you who you are.

Do not just list things alone, list your actions too.

I like to shout, I like to snub, I like to stay among friends, I like seclusion, the list must be long I guess and believe me, Understanding what you love is the first step to your self actualization.

Knowing those things that makes your day tick and complete is crucial in understanding how you align with your essence for being alive.

2. The second thing to consider is “your talent or talents” as everyone of us has one or more talents.

While I was growing up I love to be artistic and I was so good that I can draw from my imagination anything.

My parent forbade me and told me to instead concentrate on reading but i later realiased my talent is not really drawing as I thought but vivid imagination, so I began to read and acquire a lot of knowledge.

I still draw up till now though but right now anything I see, I see in it the unseen …what other people don’t see ..I see it and I can express it in writing for others to understand.

So the second thing is to identify your talent.

Understanding natural talent that you were born with will tell you more about yourself.

This is where the issue of temperament comes in, your talent relate well with your temperaments and you need to dig a little to find what your talent Is or are.


Perhaps you are very good at using your brain like me , or maybe your are good at using your hands, or your are good at talking, anything you are good at naturally is your gift.

You don’t need to struggle with your talent before it can come to the front, just a little push and you’re already doing it.

Now it doesn’t matter if your talent is talking or gossiping, you just need to list them all.

Another easy way to know what your talents are is to ask yourself what attract your attention?

Or what do my friends know me for.!?

If you take down all these afore mentioned  points then your are closer to discovering who you really are

3. The next thing to consider is “what is my potential “?

Many people confused talent and potential to be the same, though they may sound or appear to be the same but believe me they are not the same.

Now, right here am gong to go deep down and I want you to please follow me so you can understand me.

Understanding your potential starts from understanding first that every human is an energy and this energy is vibrating at various frequencies depending on our thoughts

Let me explain the word energy the way i know it.

The word energy simple mean your in built passion for something.

Your core strength, the ability you posses that drives you on.

The reason why you wake up everyday and starts fighting for survival..

That’s the energy we are referring to here

Now when we say vibration, it simply means the movement of our energy, the resounding forces produce during the exertion of those energy .

Frequencies mean the pathway through which the energy moves .

We are taking about your potential right..?

Your potential has to do with your thoughts which happen to be the resultant effect of the energy produce daily by you.


In a layman’s term your thoughts controls your potential and your potential are not just what you think consciously but that of your subconsciousness too.

Your subconsciousness control your consciousness.Haven’t you heard about it that the spiritual controls the physical .?

Your subconsciousness is being fed daily by your surroundings and what goes into your mind and brain are much more than what you realised.

You brain always wait patiently to process these streaming of information from your surrounding and you will start to act on them later

For example, I usually don’t watch cartoon with my children but whenever they were watching it ,i heard some of their songs and before I know it, each time the cartoon is being aired I would start to sing along with.


Unknowingly it has registered into my subconsciousness.

No one thought me those songs but I just realised I knew them by heart and each time they sing them my son always shout – daddy they are playing your song.

That’s what we called potential and it what comes into us from the environment we find ourselves.

There are some things you grew up into that you do now but no one actually thought you, you just know you can do it..

Henry Ford said “whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you’re right'”.

This simply means that  “Our potential is whatever we think it is”

So if you’re looking for your potential, you do not need to look for it just ask yourself can I do this…?  The answer will come from your brain.

Your potential is all around you in the present moment and understanding it is truly is a life long process but you can  discover it through meditation and your intuition.

4. The last thing to consider in discovering yourself is ” What is your purpose?”

If you have followed what I have been talking about since, then by now you should know what your purpose is…

But what you will actually discover if you really follow what I’ve been taking about is that we don’t really have a direct purpose at all.

Our purpose is simply to be true to ourselves.

And by being true to ourselves we naturally begin to climb the ladder of our destiny because our destiny is actually the purpose of God for our life and what’s that ” to dominate”.

God told man to replenish the earth and subdue it.

So you have no more purpose than to live and procreate and subdue your habitat, therefore you are created to continue the cycle of life.

Now Who Are You….?

Let me round up by saying you’re whatever you want to be but be true to yourself.

What the world called you doesn’t matter, what the environment and government policy forced you to do doesn’t matter but  it is what you are that matter most and you are the person that you are.

You have free will and choice in life and you are not a robot rather you are full of energy and your vibration is with a  distinct frequency, therefore you are unique.

God made you with certain attributes that you are diffeent from others.

Your finger prints are specially made for you and your chemical and physical compositions are different from anyone else’s.

So, discover who you are and stop living like a nonentity.

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